Engraving Techniques

The Power of Etching


The engraving techniques were created to disseminate illustrations before the advent of modern printing techniques. Although they are little known to many, they are not a less powerful or interesting form of art than painting or sculpture. The matrix is produced by hand and the copies are laboriously printed on fine paper with a special traditional press.

Each copy is unique and the editions are very limited!

Animals are once again protagonists of my imagination and their shapes are celebrated by my graphic sign. These works want to be provocative, but without becoming accusatory or shocking. Some of them are contextualised in a series of places that interact with our private life.

Elephant’s Blood

Into The Blue

The Big Brother

White Gold

Crying Red Tears

Red Sea

No Martini, No Party

The Museum of Wild

Architectonic Forest – Tribute to Hundertwasser

Rhino’s Blood I

Rhino’s Blood II

Don’t Disturb the King of the Forest

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