Glow Inside Out


Feel inspired by the colors and lights of these artworks, which combine the tradition of oil painting with an attractive lighting. Relax in front of the glowing animals, that seem to move gently in the sea changing their colors. Enjoy the chromotherapy and dream of the vivid oceans.

Sea Turtle

Graceful Magic

Deep Ocean


Shine your Life


These paintings show my deep connection with nature and love for the creatures of our planet. The landscapes offer a metaphysical vision and the gold leaf celebrates the natural beauty and its priceless value. The colors are intense and the combinations of blue and gold are fascinating.


Golden Moments I

Golden Moments II

Parrot’s Paradise

The Ancient Rainforest

Bird’s Paradise – The Ocean

Shining Ibis

Sacrifice for Equality


My most expressive works are those with my own blood or the blood of the people depicted. It is an undoubted symbol of death, with which I want to express the importance of biodiversity and the urgency of its conservation. By building personal connections to animals, as in these double-portraits, I offer my message: stop the abuses and act to stop the mass extinction that is taking place in our Anthropocene era.


The Show Must Go On

Mother Nature

Bloody Mary

Bleeding for the Hunted Foxes

Bleeding as the Clouded Leopard disappears

Bleeding as the Philippine´s Eagle disappears

Bleeding for the Hunted Wolves

The Urban Jungle


Detailed style of painting with playful and fantastic elements. This serie of paintings full of colours and details will leave you spellbound. In part, it conveys a message that addresses the serious issue of habitat loss of animal species and of the tendency to want a wild animal as a pet. Animals are in these paintings part of our spaces.


The Beauty & the Beast

The Architectonic Forest – Tribute to Hundertwasser

Dreaming Berlin


The inhabitants of my town

Animal Gallery

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