Maria Elena Luciani was born in Bolzano, Italy. She started her artistic education at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, where she achieved the BFA in Painting in 2009 and the MFA in Graphic Arts two years later with the highest scores.
During the MFA she attended the courses of Graphic Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria.

After her studies she continued painting in her studio and taught drawing in Bolzano. In 2014 she moved to Vienna where she improved her artistic career working also as a Scenic Painter for the Viennese Theatres, including the State Opera.

Between 2017 and 2018 Luciani has traveled for eight months around Asia and Australia. During this inspiring trip she could directly care for Wildlife and reproduce impactful artwork within Wildlife Conservation Centers and several creative projects.

After this meaningful experience Luciani moved to Germany and started working in her private studio in Munich.

Maria Elena Luciani exhibited her works in various cities like Milan, Venice, Rome, Turin, Berlin and Vienna.


December 2017, “ART is NOW”, Basilica Sant’Ambrogio, Milano (IT)

June 2017, Performance “Pray for Elephants”, Vienna (AT)

May 2017, “Oltre i confini: dalla realtà al sogno”, Museo MIIT, Torino (IT).

June 2016, “Sperimentazioni” Elle Galleria, Preganziol (IT).

July 2015, “Animalia”, The Gallery Steiner – Art & Wine, Vienna (AT).

March 2014, “Wild City”, Forum Factory, Berlin (GER).

June 2013, “Art’è Donna” (“Art is Female”), Centro Claudio Trevi, Bolzano (IT).

September – December 2012, “Frames of Life”, “Nomadic”, “100”, RossoCinabro Gallery, Rome (IT).

July 2012, “Tra Umano e Animale” (“Between human and animal”), Grand Hotel di Alassio, Alassio (IT).

September – December 2011, “Genius Loci”, Magazzini del Sale, Venice (IT).