Behind the Scenes

In this photo taken at the Belum-Temenggor National Park in Malaysia, I appear portrayed with a rare Rafflesia flower.
I decided to publish this photo as the first content of “Behind the scenes”. In the end I thought that, first of all, showing an image of me in front of a work in progress, with a brush in my hand, was too obvious. This image instead shows what really lies behind my artistic creation: nature, the discovery of it, my unstoppable source of inspiration, my muse and my love. Traveling and discovering unspoiled places is what made me feel absolutely more in touch with the planet in which I live. The city and modernity satisfy our social and cultural needs, but at the same time they distance us from what we come from. I believe this is also one of the problems for which humanity continues to destroy nature, because in some way it feels disconnected from it. Instead we are one and we depend on it. But we will soon realize it, paying the costs.
To rejoin the wild nature and the beauty that comes from it made me feel terrestrial.
So these are the places that since I was a child, through books and magazines, left me with impressions and images that I have reworked over time with my imagination. It was a great gift later to have been able to discover some of these places in person. I hope that my works of art take the strength, driven by this energy given to me by the colors, the smells and the atmospheres of forests, beaches, grasslands. And I ultimately hope that this energy can reach you, that you observe and feel it for a moment, in your daily life, to make us more Terrestrials again.



Welcome to my new page!

My dear friends, family & new visitors. The moment has finally arrived. I am very pleased to present my newest online gallery to the public! In the new Gallery part, you can scroll through the variety of artworks I have realized over the last decade, in the Shop section you will find many Paintings and […]

Glowing Painting Series

In this newest project I am using recycled Plexiglas, paint it with fresh oil and light it with LEDs in the back. See by yourself & hope it gives you the calm already by watching the video!

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