Bleeding for the hunted Foxes


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The original artwork (not available) was painted on canvas with oil technique and real model´s blood. Original dimensions 120 x 80 cm and made in the 2016.

There is no blood and no real gold leaf on the print version.

My intention in using the blood is to give a dramatic emphasis to the painting’s message. Together with the gold leaf the blood gives sacredness to the artwork. I put man and animal on the same level. Both are important as the bloodshed of the animal is metaphorically equivalent to that of the man. Could you distinguish human blood from animal blood? On this particular painting, the depicted man sacrificed his own blood in honor to the many foxes that are being hunted for selfish glory or that are continuously bred and killed to produce coats and ornaments with their furs.

The boy of this painting offered his blood, used as medium on the canvas, in solidarity for the foxes.

I am available to paint similar artworks on commission – Have your portrait together with your favorite animal! Realize the dream of seeing you close to it. Wild animals must be respected and observed at a safe distance in nature. In a painting at home, however, you can see them as many times as you want, next to you. Contact me immediately to get started!

(No animal is forced to pose or is disturbed to make these works of art)


Watch the video and find out how these works of art are created.



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Dimensions 80 × 2 × 120 cm
Hunted Foxes

Original, Print on Canvas, Print on Paper

Bleeding for the hunted Foxes


@ maryeluciani

Hello, my dears! I've finished the painting-part. This piece is now just waiting to be installed in its "magic box" that will illuminate it making it even more vibrant, colorful and deep. 
In any case this is a kind of octopus certainly among the most fascinating, but perhaps it is better not to meet it in person. The Blue Ringed Octopus is in fact one of the most poisonous animals in the world. But luckily, a painting depicting it is highly harmless 🙃👾💗.
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Like chimpanzees, dolphins and crows, octopuses are among the special set of intelligent animals that have been observed using tools! 👾
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As beautiful as fatal: the greater blue-ringed octopus is considered to be one of the most venomous animals known; the venom of one is enough to kill ten grown men.

painting to finish➡️follow the progress 🙃

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