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nature can excite us even if we stay at home :)
let's start with an artwork that has something in common with us!

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Panther Chameleons can change color with astonishing speed. They are affected by a complex combination of external and internal clues - light intensity, temperature and emotional state - for example fighting for territories or mating. This is so interesting, I'm totally fascinated by this!

The Led lights of this work intensify the colouring of the painted surface, trying to give you back the bright and changing colours of this Madagascar species! The first photo shows how the red light makes the red painted areas of the animal flaming. The second photo shows the variety of colors that the painting takes according to the changing color of the lights.
The third photo: can't miss my signature of course 😁, a simple monogram of my name (otherwise very long!).
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The chameleon changes colour, so let's try to make it change colour in painting too! These wonderful creatures obviously amaze us and attract us. I noticed how many posts on Instagram are dedicated to these animals, but they are almost all chameleons living in the homes of enthusiasts. To love an animal means to put aside your selfishness and take a step back, the step that can save an entire species, leaving it at home: the forest. 🌳🌿🌴 Imagine a painting that changes color and you can choose which color you prefer today, or if you like to see the colors slowly alternating. In short, something more than just a painted surface!
"The Illusionist of the Forest" is an oil painting on 40 x 40 cm plexiglas with LED lighting.
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