My Mission


“I create works of art for nature lovers, so they can have a piece of the wild at home with them.”

We must respect wild animals by leaving them in their ecosystems which we all benefit from. However, through art, people can feel the animals closer and love them even more.


I have always been interested in environmental and animal rights issues and, since the first attempts at painting, they have been the driver of my creativity.

The Artist


I was born and grew up in Bolzano, Italy. In 2006, at the age of 19, I began my artistic education at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, achieving the BFA in Painting in 2009 and the MFA in Graphic Arts two years later with the highest scores. In 2014, I moved to Vienna, Austria where I improved my artistic career, moreover working as a Scenic Painter for the Viennese Theatres, including the State Opera. In 2018, after long inspiring trips around Asia and Australia, I moved to Germany and started working primarily in my private studio in Munich.

Exhibitions of my works were held in various cities like Milan, Venice, Rome, Turin, Berlin & Vienna.


Fascinated by the animal kingdom, I make it the protagonist of my figurative language, creating timeless images.
I love the realization of artworks with many different elements: by feeling the pleasure of oil colors on canvas, looking for amazing effects with plexiglass and lights; by handling paper and printing press to create very precious editions of etchings or either by public involvement through installation and performance.

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